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Screen Share Policy

Screen sharing will be done in the following manner:
•Only hand-selected staff will be allowed to screenshare you (Moderator & above)
•Screenshares will be kept short and personal information will be avoided
•You will never be screenshared without a valid reason
•You will not be banned for just having cheats on your computer
•Any 3rd party software that is being used in your current version of Minecraft will lead to a permanent ban from the server
•Staff are required to have a reason to screenshare; includes video evidence (does not apply to administrators)
Cheating does nothing but ruins the experience for other players. Please acknowledge that cheating on MineagePvP will not be taken lightly. We plan on being as fair as possible, but at the same time, we can ensure you that you will be banned for cheating.

How will staff approach screensharing:
Screensharing will not be occurring to any player while a faction is raiding or defending a raid. In fact, players aren't to be screenshared until the player is clearly no longer involved in the raid or the raid ends. If a Staff member wishes to screen share a player, they will message the player that they will be screenshared & once the raid, defense, or fight is over, they will be free to do so. However, if the player they wish to screenshare logs out after being messaged, they will have the full right to ban that player for logging out while frozen.

Moderator and above has access to rollback selected inventories. If a player dies to someone hacking, and it's discovered after he dies, he is to be screenshared. If guilty, they will give back the inventory of the player who died to the hacker.

Note: Staff will only ban if it's 100% visible that the player is cheating. Video proof is required for all staff, but Admins. If they believe a screenshare is needed due to the video proof not being blatant, then the player will be screenshared when next possible.

More information you should know:
•If banned, you may purchase a network unban on our store
•Recording a screenshare will lead to a permanent ban
•Modifying your recycling bin after you are frozen will result in a permanent ban
•Running any 3rd party software like an AutoClicker during your time on our network will result in a permanent ban
•Administrators will have the final say on all punishments
•You must join the waiting room in our Discord within 10 minutes of being frozen else it will result in a permanent ban

Punishments will be handled out as followed:
•Admitting to cheating: 20 day ban

•Refusing to screen share: Permanent

•Active cheats found in screen share: Permanent
We are looking forward to MineagePvP work towards having a cheater-free community!
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