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    Server Rules

    Server Rules These are the basic server rules and are subject to change at any time. They will also be updated if any changes are made. •If you are banned / muted, do not evade the punishment. •Do not use a Hacked Client of any kind. •Overall toxicity will be punished. •Releasing personal...
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    Screen Share Policy

    Screen Share Policy Screen sharing will be done in the following manner: •Only hand-selected staff will be allowed to screenshare you (Moderator & above) •Screenshares will be kept short and personal information will be avoided •You will never be screenshared without a valid reason •You will...
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    Forum Rules

    Forum Rules The Forum rules are as follows: •Toxicity is strictly disallowed on these forums. We want MineagePvP to be a place for everyone, so player, server, and staff disrespect is strictly prohibited. Targeted harassment via posts and threads will result in punishment. •Spamming of ANY...
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    Server Update

    all ranks are uuid based so it should give you your rank back regardless of your current name
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    Interested in purchasing the server.

    I know how to setup servers and code myself i don't need any help
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    Discord Link
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    join the discord look on announcements
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    idrk yet tbh
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    yes u will keep em look at the new announcements
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    Will it be Tournaments, Random lootdrops and Custom Enchants?

    i won't be doing envoys cause that craps overrated but i will be doing the carepackage that used to drop somewhere random across the map that nyalon used to do and currently using a free custom enchants plugin but soon i will be making my own
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    Will it be Tournaments, Random lootdrops and Custom Enchants?

    Currently focusing on other main parts then you guys will just need to lmk what features to add since it's been a while i played mineage
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    look at the new announcement
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    yes that is correct
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    Read the announcement

    Read the new announcement for the current update
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    Server Update

    I also make an excel exports plugin so that way everyone who purchased a rank will get it back ign with the /reclaim command and /claim to be used to get the rank perks as well such as the money included per map reset, But all ranks earned through crates you must provide proof for since that is...
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    Interested in purchasing the server.

    extatic i'm positive you wouldn't be able to buy it for as much as i would sell it, cause i also personally have spent money aside of buying the domain and buycraft alone btw by this i mean that i had no server files or folder or anything so i basically only had the buycraft and domain so i had...
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    Server Update

    Hey guys join our discord for the latest updates @ sorry, you haven't seen any posts at all since late march or april i didn't pay attention when but the server has been worked on and is still being and it's almost come to a finish but as you may see i haven't used the...
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    join and type /discord to get the new link
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    Website Progress

    The website is still being worked on
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